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Medical Needs

At Temple Primary School we have adopted the Local Authorities Policy for administration of medication. All children with a medical condition that requires regular or emergency administration of medication or any form of regular medical intervention have an Individual Healthcare Plan which will include one or more of the following:

  • Pen Portrait
  • Medical Protocol
  • Emergency Medical Protocol
  • Risk Assessment
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Personal Care/Needs Plan

School staff work very closely with parents and health professionals to produce the IHCP which is reviewed as and when is necessary but at least annually. All staff will be made aware of the school’s policy for supporting pupils with medical conditions and their role in implementing that policy through for example whole school awareness training, involvement in development of IHCPs, staff briefing sessions etc.

Specialist training and advice are provided by appropriate healthcare professionals, e.g. specialist epilepsy nurse, asthma training by school nurse etc., for staff involved in supporting pupils with medical conditions including the administration of relevant medicines / medical interventions. Training for all staff is provided on a range of medical needs, including any resultant learning needs, as and when appropriate. Training is sufficient to ensure staff are competent and have confidence in their ability to support pupils with medical conditions, and to fulfil the requirements as set out in individual healthcare plans. 


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