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Behaviour Management

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School Rules

Good behaviour and discipline are key foundations for good education. Without an orderly atmosphere effective teaching and learning cannot take place. We expect and insist on the highest standards of behaviour throughout our school.

Courtesy, good manners and consideration for others, together with self discipline and a proper respect for authority, are encouraged at all times and are important if we are to make our school a true, caring community. We place great emphasis on praising children for politeness and kindness to others.

We have 2 systems to deal with behaviour at Temple - the Reward System for following school rules and the Sanction System for those who break the school rules. Scroll down to see information on how these systems work.

Rights of Children

  • To be able to learn
  • To be respected and valued as a member of the school community
  • To be educated in a stimulating learning environment
  • To feel safe in school

Responsibilities of Children

  • To follow the school rules
  • To have high expectations of themselves
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Sanction System


  • Children start each day on green and stay there if they show good behaviour.
  • Children can have 1 verbal reminder and still stay on green

  • If children need another reminder, they go to Amber.
  • They can go back to green if they change their behaviour and apologise for the disruption – this is dependent on adult judgement.

  • If children need another reminder, they go to Red.
  • Children can move directly to Red for a non-negotiable     behaviour.
  • Children can also move directly to red after getting another reminder once they have redeemed themselves from Amber to Green.
  • All incidents at this level are recorded in the Class Behaviour book and Department Leaders are informed.
  • Parents are sent a Red Alert text message home at the end of the day.
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  • ​Children can move directly to an internal exclusion or a Managed Move at the discretion of the school leaders and in line with the school’s behaviour policy.
  • Fixed Term and Permanent Exclusions are to be initiated by the Head only.
  • All incidents at this level are recorded in SIMS by the Head,  Deputy Head and Assistant Head.

Non-Negotiables for Behaviour

The following are actions which warrant a child to be moved directly to Red Alert:

  • Deliberate physical injury
  • Deliberate behaviour intended to, or  likely to, cause physical injury
  • Deliberate damage of other people’s property
  • Deliberate damage of the school building or school property
  • Bullying of any type
  • Verbal abuse including homophobic/racist language
  • Disrespecting adults or children using inappropriate language, tone of voice or body language.


Reward System

  • Temple primary school uses ClassDojo to reward students following the school rules. Only 1 point is awarded at any time.  Any member of staff can award children a ClassDojo point.
  • When a pupil reaches the 30, 60 and 100 point targets, they will receive a ClassDojo     certificate.
  • Each term the points are reset to zero. 
  • ClassDojo points are frozen for the week if a student is repeatedly on the Red and Purple sections of the school Sanction System.

Pupil who consistently display exemplary behaviour and remain on the Green section of the school Sanction System will be rewarded with a Temple Treasures certificate.  This will take place once a month and parents will be invited to attend the celebration assembly.

Achievement Assemblies

The assemblies will take place once a week for each department and children will receive the following awards:

  • ClassDojo certificates and prizes for those who reach the 30, 60 or 100 points targets.
  • Headteachers Award for Learning - class teachers to choose 2 students.
  • Attendance Award
  • Swimming certificates (LKS2 and UKS2)
  • Commando Joe VIP certificates (Green Department) - for all round effort and progress
  • Star of the Week (EYFS and KS1) - for all round effort and progress
  • Birthday song (EYFS)


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Commando Joe

The Commando Joe Inflatable will take place once every half term and will be a reward for the children who do not get onto the Red or Purple sections of the school Sanction System.

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